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About (H.E.M) Virtual Reality Experiences

We deeply believe that select thoughtfully designed and curated virtual and mixed reality (VMR) experiences can create amazing positive life changing experiences as well as be used for immersive business meetings and services such as but not limited too : Stress relief, well being improvement, high quality mind and soul healing, edutainment, entertainment and business services.

We are on the mission to create the digital twin of some amazing real world locations for all to enjoy and experience in VR, whether at home using your own VR devices or at a VR Experience venue, whether (H.E.M)s or others with the spirit of Aloha.

Our new VR experiences development team is currently lead by our Project Manager Nakisa Donnelly 

with strategic service from innovative world class service providers such as Departure Lounge  and

We are always looking to build and nurture relationships with talented co-creators. Interested in co-creating with us, visit our Opportunities Page 

Never tried a Virtual Reality experience? Try it for FREE at our at (H.E.M) VR Experience Demo Event, a 2.5 hour hands on learning and discussion virtual reality experience event to experience and discuss pre-selected VR experiences on our Meta Quest 2 VR headsets. These events are cohosted and managed by trained (H.E.M) Experience Managers.

This is an opportunity to experience Virtual Reality in a safe edutainment co-learning environment. The experience is complimentary but you must register to attend an event.  For more information email us at

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